Things To Do In Capri, According To An Insider

You Might Believe In Paradise After A Visit To This Tiny Italian Island

Martino Acampora

General Manager, J.K. Place Capri

Martino Acampora’s blood is Tyrrhenian blue. Born in Sorrento, the son of generations of hoteliers, Martino has been breathing the Amalfi Coast air and swimming in the Bay of Naples for years, and it is more than a coincidence that Martino found his way to Capri and his role as general manager at J.K. Place Capri. “I traveled and worked all over the world only to come back to the Bay of Naples,” Martino laughs when he tells his story. Before arriving at J.K. Place Capri, Martino wanted experience and adventure, and he knew he had to leave his tiny town where everyone knows everyone. After moving to Florence to study hotel management, he crossed continents and oceans, getting far away from Sorrento as he racked in white glove experience at the top hotels in London, Washington D.C., Porto Cervo, Milan, and Florence.

Martino Acampora, general manager at J.K. Place Capri.

Suggerimenti locali

Experience Capri With J.K. Place Capri’s Knowledgeable General Manager, Martino Acampora

“I consider myself not a manager but a friend,” says Martino who spends his days taking guests on hikes around the island, bringing his personal tailor from Naples to J.K. Place Capri for custom fittings for guests, and sharing culinary experiences. If he can’t personally do it, Martino only has to pick up the phone. His proverbial little black book is a compilation of places and secrets gained from generations of living in the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. “When you come to Capri, you come to stay,” says Martino, who explains that this rock of an island is meant for relaxation, something that history’s most famous and infamous learned early on.

From a terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea to early morning hikes and calndestine coves, explore Capri’s best hotspots and hidden corners with Martino Acampora.

Spectacular Views From Capri's Hiking Trails

Exercise Your Right To Nature

Every morning, Martino wakes up and hikes Capri whether it’s on his own, with his colleagues, or with guests. With passes like Fortini and Passalungo, and the Phoenician Steps (921 stone steps connecting the Marina to Anacapri) Martino’s hikes can be short glimpses of the local flora or hours-long island explorations. His hikes have become so popular with guests that Martino has personalized a Capri hiking map and considers each group hike outing something of a “family get together.”

Capri's wild, hilly landscape is perfect for early morning hikes.

Capri Sunsets

Take A Front Row Seat For The Greatest Show On The Island

Capri sunsets are unforgettable, and the best seat on the island just happens to be on the deck at J.K. Place Capri. During aperitivo hour, negronis blend in with the orange glow of the Mediterranean sky, as guests gather in what Martino considers the heart of the villa—J.K. Kitchen, a luminous dining room and terrace facing the sea. Chef Eduoardo Estatico commands a culinary audience with creative and healthful Italian dishes. And though there is no dress code at J.K. Kitchen, or in Capri for that matter, Martino underlines the island’s unspoken rule “No matter if you are in a bathing suit or a tie, it is very important to be stylish.”

Sea views are beautiful all day long from the terrace at J.K. Kitchen.

Spa Days In Capri

Refresh With Natural Herbs And Pampering

Blended into J.K.’s innate dynamic for pampering is a love of local flavor which Martino shows off at J.K. Spa. Lemons, extra virgin olive oil, basil, cypress, juniper, and fennel, all locally-sourced, make up the natural ingredients in the spa’s impressive selection of treatments and scrubs.

Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the J.K. Spa.

Italian Tailoring

The Neapolitan Tailor Comes To Capri

Counting more than 600 hundred years of sartorial history, Naples’ based Principe di Eleganza (Via Boscofangone, Naples; +39-081-823-6932) is a community of expert tailors, led by master tailor Enrico Manzo (pictured above), who just happens to be Martino’s personal friend. Manzo creates suits that “fit like a second skin and last a lifetime,” says Martino, who often brings the tailor on site to J.K. Place Capri for custom fittings for his guests.

The tailor of Naples, Enrico Manzo, will measure guests on-site at J.K. Place Capri upon request.

Boating Excursions From Capri

Spend A Day On The Water

“Capri’s history is tied to the water, so the best way to understand the island is to explore it by boat,” says Martino, who often heads out on sea adventures with guests. Just four square miles, Capri is a single block of limestone whose wild and craggy coastline is only outdone by the spectacular aquamarine water surrounding the island. Coves and grottos hide incredible natural wonders, while out in the open sea are the faraglioni, a beautiful rock formation of three stacks that rise out of the Mediterranean Sea like natural sculptures.

There is nothing like a private boat ride around Capri’s coves.
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