As charming and expressive as their name suggests, the Romance Languages continue to inspire the hearts and minds of discerning travelers from around the globe. Transcending time from their Latin origins in the Roman Empire, the five languages - which include French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian - and the cultures where they flourish today are rich in both beauty and history. From breathtaking locales to alluring flavors, look to these sensational European destinations for a romantic getaway that will forever hold your heart.


Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé | Le Grand-Lucé, France

With a capital nicknamed the City of Love and a passion for artistic beauty unlike any other, there’s no better place to fall in love with the French language and culture than France itself. But for a truly spectacular immersion into classic French style, venture just south of Paris to the verdant Loire Valley, where the iconic Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé offers an unparalleled experience. The idyllic enclave has a noble provenance dating back to 1760 and was lovingly restored with all the unapologetic opulence of its neoclassical history.


Casa Angelina | Praiano, Italy

Italy has always had a longstanding love affair with Summer. Sunkissed swims along the blue waters of the Amalfi Coast. Colorful aperitivos enjoyed under citrus trees. Perfect plates of pasta to relish while watching the sunset. During summer, opportunities to discover the allure of the Italian dolce vita abound. But to bask in the splendor of a true Italian Summer, journey to Casa Angelina’s awe-inspiring vantage. At this sublime, adults-only slice of heaven, guests can relax by the pool, recline under the shade of picturesque lemon trees, and take in the spectacular sights of Praiano al fresco.


Pestana Palace Lisboa - Hotel & National Monument | Lisbon, Portugal

For centuries, literary masters have mused about the sundrenched paradise that is Portugal. From the glistening coastline of Porto to the lush gardens and vineyards of the Douro Valley, romantic inspiration awaits at every turn of this colorful oasis. One of the best places to discover the Portuguese penchant for romanticism is Pestana Palace, Lisbon. Set in the storybook architecture of a baroque palace and surrounded by lush 18th-century gardens, this national landmark is the perfect place to pen your own brilliant travel story.


El Palace Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain

Beloved by the likes of Salvador Dali, Josephine Baker, and Ronnie Wood, the Spanish cultural hub of Barcelona has been a haven for some of history’s most iconic stars. For decades, the city’s signature architecture and bustling nightlife have captured the spotlight, but head to El Palace to fall in love with the city’s vibrant culture. With an intimate rooftop that plays host to the city’s top events, an exclusive restaurant that is a see-and-be-seen place to dine, and suites that nod to the signature styles of their most famed guests, this famous locale is a true love letter to the city.